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  • Molasses Restaurant @ St. Regis Bahia Resort – San Juan, Puerto Rico

    Molasses Restaurant @ St. Regis Bahia Resort – San Juan, Puerto Rico

    Over this summer, I had an amazing opportunity to travel to Puerto Rico with a few friends for a long weekend. We ended up spending most of our time in San Juan, the capital of PR, and in Vieques, a lovely island to the east of PR which is filled with amazing beaches. Not only […]

  • Sobaya – East Village, NYC

    Sobaya – East Village, NYC

    Soba: a typical Japanese thin noodle made from buckwheat flour. Dishes made with soba can be served either hot or cold, making it a delectable treat all year round! Enjoy the cold soba (such as mori soba) during the sweltering hot summer days or feast on the piping hot soba dishes (such as kake soba) during the cold winter […]

  • Ippudo NY – East Village, NYC

    Ippudo NY – East Village, NYC

    After being cooped up in my apartment for a day due to the effects of Winter Storm Nemo, I had a huge craving for a hot steamy bowl of ramen. And what better place to venture to than the extremely popular Ippudo NY for amazing authentic ramen? With over 4000 reviews on Yelp, this lovely Japanese restaurant is booming […]

  • The Red Crane – Cupertino, CA

    Red Crane is an Asian Fusion restaurant located in a small area of Cupertino (near Home Depot, for you home repair lovers!). Yes, the food is a tad on the pricey side; however, I feel as though this place is a must try (at least once, especially if you live around this area). The restaurant itself is […]

  • Riverpark – Midtown, NYC

    Riverpark – Midtown, NYC

    I had the joy of dining at Riverpark as I wanted a nice restaurant with a view for which I could treat my friend for his birthday. Besides the pretty stellar reviews on Yelp, I was overjoyed at the fact that this was a Tom Colicchio restaurant (salute to the Top Chef judge!). Being a lovely sunny […]